Welcome to A Tavola Kitchen! My name is Angela, and I created A Tavola (ah TAH-voh-lah) Kitchen as an ode to the simple pleasure of good meals, and how those meals can bring us closer to our friends and family. “A tavola” is the Italian call to the table, similar to “dinner’s ready!” or “come and get it!” But it has a deeper meaning too, one that doesn’t translate cleanly into English. It’s a call not only to come to the table to eat, but to experience a meal with loved ones. The “tavola” is the table, yes, but more so it is the place where we connect to the simple joys of food and company.

I hope that you’ll find healthy recipes here that you both enjoy making for yourself and that you want to share with others. I focus on developing recipes using fresh, whole foods. My recipes tend to be whole-grain and plant-forward, although that doesn’t mean you won’t find the occasional indulgence (like my famous-among-friends risotto) here and there. I believe healthy eating and living is all about balance: focusing on foods that are close to the source, while also including those meals that nourish our souls more than our bodies.

I grew up in a family of Italian immigrants, and food has always been a big part of my life. Making a delicious meal is my natural way of showing care for others, and I’m excited to broaden the circle of people with whom I can share my recipes. Please enjoy, and drop me a line on the contact page or in the comments of my recipes if you have any questions along the way.